Sell With Us

Consignment Process

3 Simple Steps

1) Provide us with photos of your item, detailed information (condition, accessories included etc) with your ideal take back price and we will revert :)

2) Take back price will be discussed and agreed upon. There is no fee involved.

3) Drop off your item(s) or you may arrange courier to our location at Serangoon 

Terms & Conditions

1. We currently only take in certain models/brands for consignment. Please note that we are unable to take in bags with no clear hologram (unless produced in pre-holo era)/recoloured/refurbished bags for consignment

2. Consignment period is for a minimum of one month. Early withdrawal will be subjected to a fee of SGD 100 

3. Payout will be given within one day upon full payment received by the buyer. Kindly note that it may take a few working days for us to receive an overseas payment. 

4. Depending on the number of consignments we receive, kindly give us 3-5 working days to process and take pictures/videos of your bags. A lot of time and effort is put into taking pictures and videos so we do appreciate your kind patience :)

4. Strictly authentic items only. We pride ourselves in selling authentic luxury goods and items will go through stringent checks and/or entrupy authentication, if necessary. Should an item be found to be not authentic, a high penalty fee will be imposed.

5. Along the way, if you would like to make changes to your take back value (eg. lower the price) do let us know (minimum 2 weeks after bag had been listed). Similarly, if a keen buyer would like to negotiate your item price, we would inform and seek prior consent with you first.

6. Please note that we are unable to accede to requests asking us to lower the price within 2 weeks of bag listed. We have experienced consignors asking us to lower their take back price and repost within a few days of listing. Unfortunately, we are unable to do so. If the consignor is willing to do a lower take back price, it should be stated from the start for a more effective sale. We would like to remind that we are not a listing platform and we take pride in selling our bags ♥️ 

6. We know you may be anxious to find out the status of your bag and it is completely understandable to feel so. We greatly appreciate if consignors do not text us on a regular basis to ask if their bag(s) have been sold 🙏🏻 Please be assured that we are doing our best at our end to sell your item and if the bag is sold, it will be announced soonest on our social media and/or through text. Payout will be given within one day upon full payment received.


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